Modern system of joining the elements means quick and easy instalattion and a few
basic principles of maintenance ensure great condition of floor for longtime.

Before laying the floor:

  • The packaging of Polish Floors is not airtight package, so be careful about storage,
  • The floor should be stored in the original, undamaged packaging, in a place with a constant temperature of 18÷22 °C and a relative humidity
  • Of 45 to 60%. Unpack directly before laying,
  • The parquet should not be conditioned before the installation,
  • We recommend laying parquet on smooth, concrete base,
  • Humidity of the base should be: for the cement base no more than 2,0% and anhydrite – 0,5%, measured by CM,
  • Before applying the adhesive carefully sweep and vacuum the base,
  • Align uneven or fragile ground and strengthen with self-leveling mass,
  • Recommended to use primers before applying the adhesive,
  • Laying parquet should be the last step in finishing room, after painting the walls, in case you need to paint the walls and ceiling after laying the floor, the floor must be firstly impregnated and than thoroughly protected with foil and corrugated paper,
  • Protection of laid floor with foil and corrugated paper does not mean that.

During laying the parquet:

  • Air temperature should be 18÷22 °C and humidity 45 to 60%. This range of temperature and humidity corresponds to the temperature and humidity of our parquet, which is 7±2% and the relative humidity should be maintained throughout the whole usage period of Polish Floors,
  • For laying flooring should be used adhesives which are destined by the manufacturer to glue finished floors,
  • Thickness of adhesive application and its usage depends directly on the compensation of the floor,
  • Planks contaminated with adhesive should be cleaned according to the indicates of glue’s manufacturer, taking into account the results of the paint resistance test, it is recommended to lead a test cleaning using the elements which are not bonded to the substrate,
  • Parquet plank should be arranging to protruding feathers, this way facilitates.

After installation:

  • After laying all over the floor remove the spacers and fAsten the strips,
  • Sweep and vacuum the floor, clean the affected area with a damp cloth,
  • The finished floor should be firstly covered with the preservatives for varnished parquet, recommended by the floor seller, which will prevent from accidentally spilled water penetration in micro cracks between floor strips,
  • Polish Floors floor covering with impregnating agent does not ensure 100% protection against water absorption,
  • Make successive Polish Floors floor care with taking into account the manufacturer’s instructions of the cleaning,
  • Polish Floors floor should not be additionally varnished or oil painted,
  • Wash the floor only with a damp cloth, avoid excessive water, In the case of the maintenance of normal room temperatures (18÷22 °C), relative humidity: less than 45÷50% – the strips will shrink and the gaps will occur between them. It can also lead the floor to taking the boat-form or deformation the original shape with warping its edges,
  • In the case of the maintenance of normal room temperatures (18÷22 °C), relative humidity: more than 55÷60%, the floor may take the boat-form, be deformed with warping its edges or bulged.